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Newt Software is Bill Wohler. I've always worked full time as Bill Wohler, but would be open to doing contract work as Newt Software, depending on which winds of opportunity blow my way. Please refer to my resume to see if I can brew a little Java for your organization or bring your applications to life on Linux. I specialize in user interfaces and usability (in Java/Swing, JSP, JSF, HTML and CSS), with long-term goals to build experience in computer graphics and scientific visualization in fields such as astronomy, oceanography, or geology.

I believe strongly in open source and that users should have the freedom to choose platforms and applications, including Microsoft's (although I would persuade you not to choose Microsoft for any one of the reasons presented in this excellent article about why Microsoft is bad for us), and that those applications and platforms should interoperate gracefully. That is why I program in Java and use open Internet and document standards.

This page contains a collection of works related to computers that I have written over the years. For balance, see my home page.

But first, please read this important note about newts.

Java, User Interfaces, and Other Related Topics

This paper presents a Java/Swing GUI Framework. It has been made obsolete by the Swing Application Framework.

When the Software Development Forum or SDForum was in its heyday, I'd write articles for their newsletter.

More Java...

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MH is Rand's Mail Handler, whose functionality is available in MH, nmh and GNU mailutils.

Eclipse HOWTO

This page contains a collection of Eclipse configuration hints.

Computer Security

This page include references on computer security.

Revision Control

Here are some papers and references on revision control that I've written and picked up over the years.

Email References

These are email references for email developers and users.


This is Bill's Browser Ruminations, a diary of the trip from Netscape to Galeon. Note that I've since switched to Google Chrome after using Firefox/Iceweasel for a long while.

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