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This document was orginally at However, the document was first moved elsewhere, and then the domain went away (Worldtalk was bought by Tumbleweed) so this link has been broken in various places around the Internet for some time. This page is intended to rectify that situation.

While the list has not been updated since I left Worldtalk in 1997, many of the links are quite relevant, and I hope prove useful. If you haven't been to the Internet Mail Consortium, I encourage you to do so now. They have a similar and--probably better-organized--set of links.

Email References



Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
Index (IMC)
Internet RFC/FYI/STD/BCP Archives

RFCs 1-1000

0821: SMTP
0822: Standard for the format of ARPA Internet text messages

RFCs 1001-1500

1049: Content-type header field for Internet messages
1137: Mapping Between Full RFC 822 and RFC 822 with Restricted Encoding
1154: Encoding Header Field for Internet Messages
1327: Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and RFC 822
1421: PEM-1: Encryption and Authentication
1422: PEM-2: Certificate-Based Key Management
1423: PEM-3: Algorithms, Modes, and Identifiers
1424: PEM-4: Key Certification and Related Services
1428: Transition from Just-Send-8 to 8bit-SMTP/MIME
1468: Japanese Character Encoding for Internet Messages
1494: Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies

RFCs 1501-2000

1505: Encoding Header Field for Internet Messages
1652: SMTP 8bit-MIME transport
1730: Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4
1740: MIME Encapsulation of Macintosh files - MacMIME
1741: MIME Content Type for BinHex Encoded Files
1806: The Content-Disposition Header
1830: SMTP Large and Binary MIME Messages
1844: Multimedia E-mail (MIME) User Agent checklist
1847: Security Multiparts for MIME
1848: MIME Object Security Services
1869: SMTP Service Extensions
1870: SMTP Message Size Declaration
1891: SMTP Delivery Status Notifications
1892: The Multipart/Report Content Type
1893: Enhanced Mail System Status Codes
1894: Delivery Status Notifications
1939: Post Office Protocol - Version 3
1964: The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism

RFCs 2001-2500

2015: MIME Security with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
2017: Definition of the URL MIME External-Body Access-Type
2033: Local Mail Transfer Protocol
2034: SMTP Service Extension for Returning Enhanced Error Codes
2040: The RC5, RC5-CBC, RC5-CBC-Pad, and RC5-CTS Algorithms
2045: MIME(I): Format of Internet Message Bodies
2046: MIME(II): Media Types
2047: MIME(III): Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text
2048: MIME(IV): Registration Procedures
2049: MIME(V): Conformance Criteria and Examples
2060: IMAP - VERSION 4rev1
2062: IMAP - Obsolete Syntax
2076: Common Internet Message Headers
2077: The Model Primary Content Type
2078: GSS-API
2086: IMAP4 ACL extension
2087: IMAP4 QUOTA extension
2088: IMAP4 non-synchronizing literals
2095: IMAP/POP AUTHorize Extension for Simple Challenge/Response
2110: MIME E-mail Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML (MHTML)
2111: Content-ID and Message-ID Uniform Resource Locators
2112: The MIME Multipart/Related Content-type
2152: UTF-7: A Mail-Safe Transformation Format of Unicode
2459: IPKI: Certificate and CRL Profile

RFCs 2501-3000

2510: IPKI: Certificate Management Protocols
2527: IPKI: Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Framework
2557: MIME E-mail Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML (MHTML)
2559: IPKI: Operational Protocols - LDAPv2
2633: S/MIME Version 3 Message Specification



Index (IETF)
Index (IMC)

Common Authentication Technology (cat)

Generic Security Service API Version 2: C-bindings (previously at
Kerberos Set/Change Password Protocol: Version 2 (previously at
Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (previously at

Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards (drums)

Message Format Standard (previously at
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (previously at

No Working Group

Sieve: A Mail Filtering Language (previously at
SMTP Service Extension for Command Pipelining (previously at
SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over TLS (previously at


Protocol Registries
MIME Media Types


S/MIME Central
The Cryptography Project

Other Documents

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
A survey of books about electronic mail
EEMA - The European Forum for Electronic Business
IETF Home Page
IMAP Documents (RFCs and drafts)
Internet Mail Consortium
Internet Notes, including RFCs, FYIs, STDs, and IMRs.
ISODE Consortium
Sendmail Installation and Operations Guide
Sendmail Home Page
Standards work on HTML in e-mail, e-mail news, and mail headers
MIME test facilities at SURFnet
USENET FAQs - comp.mail.mime
USENET FAQs - comp.mail.misc
USENET FAQs - comp.mail.sendmail
Internet Software Consortium - BIND
Index to X.400 Web pages

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