Bill Wohler
PO Box 813
Menlo Park, CA 94026-0813
Objective: Senior software engineering position in a scientific field such as astronomy, oceanography, or geology. Strong in Java, user interfaces, and human factors. Learning new skills desirable. Unix development environment. Agile/Extreme Programming and Open Source a plus. Location must be within bike ride of Menlo Park or accessible by Caltrain.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics, June, 1985. University of California, Davis
NASA Training: Requirements Development and Management, May, 2015
Software Functional Testing & Test Management, September, 2013.
Fundamentals of Systems Engineering, April, 2010.
NASA Software Standards Including NPR 7150.2A, March, 2010.
Science Missions and Systems: Design & Operations, February, 2010.
Awards: NASA Group Achievement Award, Ziggy Software Development Team, 2023.
NASA Ames Honor Award, TESS SPOC Extended Mission Development Team, 2020.
NASA Group Achievement Award, SOFIA Platform Information System Software Upgrade, 2020.
NASA Ames Honor Award, Contractor Employee, 2019
NASA Silver Achievement Medal, TESS Project Team, for a successful launch, 2019.
TESS Certificate of Appreciation, 2018.
FILMSS Star Award, 2018.
NASA Group Achievement Award, SOFIA Southern Hemisphere Deployment Team, 2016.
NASA Group Achievement Award, SOFIA Program, for its first deployment to the southern hemisphere, 2014.
NASA Ames Honor Award, SOFIA Science Software Development Team, 2012.
NASA Group Achievement Award, Ames First-Ever Tweetup Team, 2011.
NASA Software of the Year Award, Kepler Science Operations Center (SOC) Science Pipeline (Release 6.0), 2010.
NASA Group Achievement Award, Kepler Science Operations Center, 2010.
NASA Group Achievement Award, Kepler Launch and Commissioning Team, 2010.
NASA Ames Honor Award, Kepler Science Operations Center Team, 2009-2010.
NASA Ames Honor Award, Kepler Launch and Commissioning Team, 2009.
System and application analysis and development
Agile/Extreme Programming, UML, Design Patterns, CMM Level 2-3
Systems engineering
NPR 7150.2 compliance
Programming languages
Java, Python, MATLAB, Perl, C, Lisp, Objective-C, and Prolog
User interface design
Window systems
Java (Swing, AWT, 2D), X (Xt, Motif, writing widgets), Sunview, ICpak and Presentation Manager
Build systems
Gradle, ant, and make
Code quality
Jenkins/Hudson, CruiseControl, TestNG/JUnit, SpotBugs/FindBugs, Emma, JCSC, PMD
Bug tracking and wikis
Jira (administrator), Confluence (administrator), Bugzilla, and MediaWiki
Java IDEs
Eclipse and NetBeans
Configuration management systems
Git, Bitbucket, GitHub/GitLab Bazaar, Subversion, p4, CVS, and RCS
Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Oracle, HSQLDB, Derby, MySQL
Debugging systems
VisualVm, OptimizeIt, gdb, CodeCenter (Sabre-C), and Purify
Servlets and JSPs
Tomcat, JasperReports, iReport, OpenEdit, Velocity, JServ, Struts, JSTL
Computer graphics
Email and related Internet standards
Excellent working knowledge of Unix operating system
Debian, Red Hat, TOSS, SUSE, Fedora GNU/Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Irix, AIX, Ultrix
Conversational German

Note: Items in italics are included for historical context.

10/2014 - present Senior Systems Engineer, SETI Institute/NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
See TESS, SOFIA, and Ziggy sections.
10/2006 - 9/2014 Master Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corporation/NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
See Kepler and SOFIA sections.
2/2020 - present Ziggy
Develop a portable, scalable infrastructure for science data processing pipelines (in Java).
Perform systems engineering duties including writing and maintaining a Software Management Plan (SMP) to comply with NPR 7150.2C.
Maintain Atlassian products Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
Develop Jira workflows to implement SMP.
8/2016 - present TESS Science Processing Operations Center
Write middleware (in Java) to marshal data from databases and large disk arrays to MATLAB processes on a cluster of machines and at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) center using JMS to distribute the work.
Wrote pipeline module to download survey images and include them in Data Validation (DV) reports.
Generate LaTeX reports from MATLAB.
10/2011 - 12/2022 SOFIA Science Instrument Software Interface Lead
Performed liaison and systems engineering duties between the SOFIA platform and the software developers for the science instruments.
Maintained software (in Java) that translated KOSMA protocols used by the German instruments to the SOFIA Command Language (SCL) used by SOFIA.
10/2006 - 8/2020 Kepler and K2 Science Operations Center
Wrote middleware (in Java) to marshal data from databases and large disk arrays to MATLAB processes on a cluster of machines and at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) center using JMS to distribute the work.
Generated LaTeX reports from MATLAB.
Developed user interfaces for star selection (in Swing, screenshot) and for viewing mission reports (using Tomcat and JasperReports, screenshot).
Performed K2 operations and closeout tasks including the archiving of 300 TB of Kepler/K2 intermediary pipeline data.
2000 - present Project Leader, MH-E, a SourceForge project.
Produced MH-E version 8.0, a major release. Rewrote and updated the manual (140 pages). MH-E is the Emacs interface to the MH mail system.
2/2004 - 4/2005 Senior Software Engineer, Attensity, Palo Alto, California.
Developed Discover (screenshot), an application used to uncover critical information previously hidden in unstructured text. Java/Swing.
Instituted my A Java/Swing GUI Framework to decouple components and to ease maintenance.
Championed Extreme Programming (XP) to guide Discover's development process.
Company eliminated Palo Alto engineering division.
7/2002 - 2/2004 Sabbatical.
Left work by choice to camp around North America, travel to Sweden, sail around Hawaii, and complete long neglected personal projects including an update to the MH-E manual.
3/2001 - 7/2002 Senior Software Engineer/Architect, Openwave, Redwood City, California.
Helped design and build a Unified Messaging application (screenshot) which combined email, voicemail, and fax on the web and mobile phone (WAP/WML) and included PIM functions of calendar, tasks, and address book. This application leveraged a JSP/Struts MVC Model 2 framework which I designed and built.
Designed and built the <VoiceXML> Builder (screenshot), used to build VXML call flows and upload them to a voice mail server, in Java/Swing.
7/2000 - 2/2001 Senior Software Engineer, iSharp, Inc., San Carlos, California.
Designed and built the iSharp Control Center (screenshot), used to display graphical results of a web site performance test in progress, in Java/Swing.
Instituted my A Java/Swing GUI Framework for code-sharing and flexibility.
Aided in configuration management (see Software Conventions and Process ).
Unofficial Linux wizard.
Company closed its doors.
9/1997 - 1/2000 Senior Software Engineer, DATAFUSION Inc. (now Interwoven), San Francisco, California.
Helped design and build the DATAFUSION KnowledgeMap Authoring Tool (screenshot) using Java 2/Swing.
Also implemented an automatic classification system that assigned NAICS codes to companies based upon their Web pages (in Perl).
Wrote coding conventions and configuration management documents.
Performed duties of configuration manager and Unix system administrator on Solaris and Irix servers since this was a small start-up.
3/1995 - 7/1997 Senior Software Engineer, Worldtalk Corporation (now Tumbleweed), Santa Clara, California.
Maintained the Internet/MIME email gateway which was used to convert mail from the Internet to mail in other formats such as Lotus Notes or X.400 (in C). Implemented email Internet drafts and RFCs (e.g., MIME, DSN, MDN).
Unofficial Internet consultant and Unix wizard.
4/1994 - 2/1995 Author, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, California.
Worked as an outside author on the MH-E chapters in the 3rd edition of MH & xmh.
5/1993 - 4/1994 World travel.
Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.
5/1990 - 5/1993 Software Engineer, SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany.
Maintained company's sole user interface saptemu (under Motif and Presentation Manager).
Introduced employees to the benefits and services of the Internet.
Maintained mail and news systems.
7/1985 - 4/1990 Software Engineer, SRI International, Menlo Park, California.
  • SWORG, a methodology to maintain large software projects;
  • DBATOOL, a tool to enable soldiers to control TACTICS;
  • NTDSTOOL, A Navy Tactical Display System Console emulator;
Designed in part:
  • TACTICS, a distributed database for Army Command and Control;
  • SITMAP, a tool to overlay database information graphically over a digitized map background;
  • CCWS, A Multimedia Conferencing tool;
  • A Packet Radio (IMP/PR) Unix device driver.

In addition, converted project code to be portable between VAX, SUN, and HP; maintained large software programs including the GNU suite of software, the X Window System, MH, nn, SPMS, RCS, UUCP, and MMDF and instructed employees on their use.

Served as SRI's Heidelberg field office in support of UTACCS (USAREUR Tactical Command and Control System). In addition to design responsibilities, consulted CCSA-E (Command and Control Support Activity, Europe) and TRW and acted as a channel of information between SRI, Menlo Park and the Army in Heidelberg.

Publications: Please refer to this list of publications.
Activities: Member of ACM (SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI), and IEEE.
Maintain (1991-present) and (1991-2000) Frequently Asked Questions documents.
Maintain MH-E, the Emacs interface to the MH mail system (2000-present).
Co-founder of the U.C. Davis Computer Science Club.
Menlo Park CERT volunteer.
Reef Check California citizen scientist.
Former crew member of Bullet, an Express 37, Shenanigans, a C&C 36, and City Lights, a Santa Cruz 52, racing on the beautiful San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.
Played for German Masters National Ultimate Frisbee team in 1992 World Championships, Utsunomiya, Japan, and for the Geneva Disc Wizards in the World Ultimate Club Championships: St. Andrews, Scotland, 1999; Vancouver, Canada, 1997.
Hobbies: Diving, Hiking, Sailing, Traveling, Cycling, Beermaking.
Clearance:Top Secret (expired)
Birth Date:23 June 1962