Bill & Speedy's 1993 Fais-toi Plaisir World Tour

This site will eventually contain our story of a trip through Asia and Australia complete with photographs. In the meantime, you can peruse the rolls of film below, or view the slides based upon regions and keywords--see below.


  1. Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands
  2. Cameron Highlands to Djebel Amour
  3. Djebel Amour
  4. Djebel Amour to Phuket
  5. Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
  6. Kuala Lumpur to Kuta and Uluvatu, Bali
  7. Uluwatu, Ubud, and Northern Bali
  8. Penelokan, Bali to Lovina, Bali
  9. Lovina, Bali to Kuala Lumpur to Sabak Bernam
  10. Sabak Bernam


  1. Pyrenees, Ballarat, Melbourne to Falls Creek
  2. Falls Creek, Sydney, Port McQuarrie to Byron Bay
  3. Byron Bay to Lamington Park
  4. Brisbane
  5. Brisbane and Lamington National Park
  6. Lamington National Forest and Brisbane to Fraser Island
  7. Fraser Island
  8. Fraser Island to the Whales of Hervey Bay
  9. The Whales of Hervey Bay to Carnarvon Gorge
  10. Diving and Banjora to Townsville Aquarium
  11. Townsville, Magnetic Island and Atherton
  12. Atherton, Ellis Beach, and Daintree River to Cape Tribulation
  13. Cape Tribulation to Cairns
  14. Rum Runner to Townsville
  15. Yongala
  16. Townsville to Alice Springs
  17. Alice Springs to Ayers Rock and Back Again
  18. Ayers Rock and Olgas to Kings Canyon
  19. Kings Canyon to Katherine Gorge
  20. Katherine Gorge to Kakadu National Park
  21. Kakadu National Park to Kununurra
  22. Kununurra to Coral Bay
  23. Coral Bay to Perth
  24. Bunbury to Augusta
  25. Gloucester Tree to Nullarbor
  26. Coober Pedy
  27. Coober Pedy to Adelaide
  28. Adelaide
  29. Barossa Valley to Ballarat
  30. The Great Ocean Road
  31. Great Ocean Road to Strahan, Tasmania
  32. Strahan to Hobart
  33. Hobart to Melbourne

If you are interested in getting into scanning yourself, you may be interested in reading my brief Scanning Slides paper.

Experimental Image Viewing

The ability to view images based upon regions and keywords is taking shape. Because I am actively working on the code, it is possible that it might not work! But, the code is minimally functional, so if you encounter problems, you probably caught me just after a broken compilation. If the problem persists, please let me know about it.

To use this feature, enter a list of keywords separated by spaces below. Boolean logic is not yet implemented. For those of you who do know what the heck boolean logic is, the query is a logical and of all terms. Also, the search can't handle terms with spaces although the search is case insensitive.

Warning: this version also doesn't tell you how big the results are so you could get a lot of images for keywords such as Australia, or Oceans. Fortunately, you should be able to abort huge requests with the escape key or by clicking on the Stop button.

Legitimate keywords include the countries we traveled through, the locales we visited, and a host of other keywords. Please report any problems or suggestions to <>.


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