Grimbergen Double Belgian Special Dark Abbey Ale

Full, dark, nutty, malty nose. Molasses. No hops. Dusty.

Medium, amber color. Clear. Thick, foamy head that clings to glass a long time.

Sweet taste. Light carbonation and condition makes for a smooth evening drink. Medium to full bodied. Long finish brings out the subtle hops. Malt delightful. Complex.

Grimbergen Triple Belgian Special Amber Abbey Ale

9% abv

Nose is yeast, almost like the fermentation barrel at a brewery. Hops, pilsnery malt.

Slighty cloudy, light blonde yellow color. Thick, foamy head that isn't guite as long-lasting as his Double brother.

Deceptively light taste. Carbonation and conditioning perfect. Starts dry and hoppy, but then tongue is coated in sweeter, syrupy sensation. Long, hoppy finish. Delicious. Very interesting and complex. Could pose as a light, summer drink as well as dessert.

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