Turks & Caicos—December, 2013

Unfortunately, this was written 9 years after the event so details are sketchy. However, the story is that Deb, Lori, and I managed to talk Lori's brother Steven into diving off of a liveaboard with us and caught up with dive buddies past and future.

After enjoying the captions below, you can view larger versions of the photos by clicking on them. This will open a new tab in Google Photos. Use its menu to start a slideshow, or select a photo and press the Info button to view captions and maps.

Prelude to a Dive (Friday, 2013-12-20)

Welcome to the Turks & Caicos Aggressor! (Saturday, 2013-12-21)

Shark Hotel (Sunday, 2013-12-22)

The Dome (Sunday, 2013-12-22)

Eel Garden - NWPT (Monday, 2013-12-23)

Stairway - NWPT (Monday, 2013-12-23)

Magic Mushroom (Monday, 2013-12-23)

Elephant Ear Canyon (Tuesday, 2013-12-24)

Stringray Bay (Tuesday, 2013-12-24)

Gullies (Tuesday, 2013-12-24)

Rock & Roll (Wednesday, 2013-12-25)

G-Spot (Wednesday, 2013-12-25)

Spanish Anchor (Thursday, 2013-12-26)

Driveway - West Caicos (Thursday, 2013-12-26)

Rock Garden Interlude - West Caicos (Thursday, 2013-12-26)

The Dome, Revisited (Friday, 2013-12-27)

Off Gassing (Friday, 2013-12-27)

The Party (Friday, 2013-12-27)

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