Palau Aggressor II

Aggressor Vessel, Crew, and Passengers, Palau—February, 2012

This page and the pages that follow include pictures from our diving on the Aggressor II in Palau. The pictures were taken by other members in our group. Since it had been more than two years since our last vacation, and I had been dealing with a lot of stress in the meantime (new house, new job), I wasn't motivated to take underwater photos on this trip. I just wanted to chill and dive.

Since everyone but Lori was diving nitrox, an oxygen-enriched diving gas (32% oxygen on this trip versus the normal 21% in air), Lori was encouraged to take a nitrox class on the boat and dive nitrox. Which she did. And since we were going below 20 m and because we were drift diving and night diving, she was also encouraged to take the advanced open water class. Which she did.

The week's dive itinerary and some photos are included in the Captain's Log and the Aggressor's Facebook entry .

After enjoying the captions below and on the following pages, you can view larger versions of the photos by clicking on them. You can see even larger versions of the photos by viewing the slideshow in full screen (F11). You can also view the photos on a map.

Marc, Agnes, Kris, Nadia, Nick, Hector

Marc, Agnes, Kris, Nadia, Nick, Hector

After being shown to our cabin, we were then introduced to our crew:

The Aggressor web site has short resumes for each of their crew members on their Meet the Crew page.

Our fellow divers introduced themselves. This was the fifth Palau Aggressor trip for Bobby and Ron!

The tri-level catamaran was comfortable and offered many different lounging areas.

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