Frog fish

Diving at Lanai, Hawaii—December, 2008

We went diving at Lanai Thursday morning with Extended Horizons. Loren drove, Victoria dove. Maren led the second team. Angie joined us today. The water was a bit too rough for some of the divers, including Maren, one of the divemasters, who got sick on the way out to the dive site. We found the refuge of the calmer waters to the west of the island first before returning to the First Cathedral. Beautiful fish. Nice topography. Saw whales and dolphins too.

Sharkfin Rock

First Cathedral

Old Lahaina Luau

After diving, we had lunch with Angie at Java Jazz, a funky local hangout. Back at the B&B, we rinsed our gear, crashed again, and got ready in time for the Old Lahaina Luau with the gang. Great food, sexy hula girls. The performance told the history of Hawaii through dance, chanting, drumming, and music.

We then crashed again, but didn't have to set the alarm. Yay!

You can see these photos in a slideshow, view them on a map, or download the GPS track.

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