Getting comfy at the beach

Hanging Out at Airport Beach, Hawaii—December, 2008

We had a very leisurely morning, drinking a couple of pots of coffee and chatting with fellow B&B guests from New York and Western Australia.

After reading a bit by the pool, we took off for Airport Beach, as the locals call it. We read while we listened to waves lapping on the beach and small planes taking off overhead. The snorkeling here is surprisingly good. The reef starts right at the beach and is dominated by bright green plate corals. Lots of fish too! I found it's really hard to photograph fish while snorkeling. Since you're big and overhead, you're even more menacing to the fish and they scatter and don't come back until your breath is long gone. Only the slate pencil urchin cooperated. I also found that hovering motionless over a very shallow reef and letting the fish come to you was the best strategy.

In the evening, we headed over to the Sheraton for a Shabbat dinner in a banquet room with everyone. Lots of fun!

You can see these photos in a slideshow, view them on a map, or download the GPS tracks for Friday. or Sunday.

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