Hotels, Iceland—August, 2013

Hótel Odinsve

The Hótel Odinsve was our introduction to the Icelandic hotels. This hotel is conveniently located downtown and has ample space, and as we would learn to appreciate later, large radiators.

Hótel Höfn

The Hótel Höfn was our first hotel in rural Iceland. Although the rooms were small, it isn't bad.

Hótel Skaftafell

The Hótel Skaftafell won the award for the most charming setting. It also won the award for the smallest, least functional rooms. They have small, electric radiators so we couldn't dry our wet clothes easily, and we were told that the single rooms have push button showers that last less than a minute.

Dinners here were delicious, and the bartender treated me to my first shot of Brennivin, the local schnapps that tastes of caraway seeds.

Hótel Skógar

Wow. Without a doubt, the Hótel Skógar has the nicest rooms. We even had a view of the waterfall. They have a hot tub which I used.

Hótel Ranga

The Hótel Ranga is also very nice. They have three hot tubs and Lori and I availed ourselves of one of them. If we were feeling private, we could have used the hot tub for two in our room.

Hótel Hengill

Finally, the Hótel Hengill is the newest of the bunch. The rooms are comfortable. The geothermic power plant that we could see outside our bedroom powers Reykjavík and also provides most of the hot water to Reykjavík via the first pipe on the right.

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