Lagavulin Distillery

The Lagavulin Distillery lies on the southern shores of Islay, and is one of my favorites. It is very Islay and full of character including peat and brine.

The address is Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, Scotland, PA42 7DZ. It is imported into the US by Schieffelin & Somerset Co., New York, NY.

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

It is of a dark amber color. Very rich, very refined. The nose is full of peat (as the barley is dried over a peat fire to form malt) and hints of brine from its long aging by the ocean.

The nose seques to the tongue with an explosion of peat and brine. The whisky is full of flavor. There are very slight acetyl, oxidized highlights. The body is medium to full and provides for a long, sweet, silky finish. and silky.

Scores 10 on bouquet, 6 on appearance, 17 on flavor, 4 on body, and a 9 overall for a total of 46.

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