Notes for Nerds: Whiskey

Note: As of 2002-04-08, these pages are no longer maintained. I found I was either feeling guilty about not keeping them up to date, or I was not enjoying these beverages as much as I should.

You can see the scoring method and references or you can get right to the notes. Click on the score to get the notes for a particular whiskey.

DistilleryProductYear *Score
Lagavulin16 Year Old-46
Talisker10 Year Old~199244
Bowmore17 Year Old~198538
Auchroisk15 Year Old197836
Springbank10 Year Old198232
Auchentoshen10 Year Old~1989-
Dallas Dhu20 Year Old~1979-

* If the year that the whiskey was made is unknown, then a guess is made by subtracting the age of the whiskey by the year tasted. This guessed year is marked with a tilde (~).

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