Steven and Denise paddle off into the sunset

Off-gassing, Roatan—December, 2009

Sigh. Our last full day.

The others went for an extreme zip-line adventure while I stayed back to relax, identify the fish we had seen, and take pictures of the place. After lunch, Steven and Denise took out a couple of kayaks and Lori hung out at the palapa. I later joined them all at the palapa.

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Activities for Off-gassing (Friday, 2009-12-25)

Epilogue (Saturday, 2009-12-26)

Our flights were at two, so we were able to pack casually after breakfast. The staff drove us out to the Roatan airport where we hung out with Kenji and Brent, other Barefoot Cay guests from San Francisco. It took us about an hour to check in. Although security was high—I was searched twice—there weren't really any lines through their customs or security.

On the flight home we were notified that passengers could not get up or have anything in their laps an hour before landing in the US. Apparently, the day before, some jerk tried to blow up a plane with an improvised device and just burned himself.

We said our goodbyes in Houston to Denise, who had to run off for her flight. Lori, Kenji, and Brent and I had a nice crawfish etoufee at Pappadeaux Seafood before scurrying off to our flight.

We arrived home and it was pouring. And 47 degrees. Brrr!

A Tour of Barefoot Cay (Friday, 2009-12-25)

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